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Maruti construction,  Ahmedabad

we bought 1st asphalt batch mix plant from Alltech in 2019 and the service and quality of plant forced us to buy another asphalt batch mix plant.

Damas International,  KSA

we purchased 160 TPH Asphalt batch mix plant from Alltech group, India. it’s working since more than 2 years in good addition. online support is also good.

GHV India,  Mumbai

When we buy Alltech Product, we are at peace the quality of product meet the standards as expected by any road construction company.

Iqbal ltd,  Bangladesh

We were searching for a reputed company that manufactures asphalt plants and did lot of research on internet and visited Alltech. Their representation and service support is amazing.

Shri kankeshwari Enterprise

when we entered road business we were looking for an asphalt batch mix plant which can produce sheer quality hot mix plant with least maintenance and we found Alltech satisfactorily.

Vimal const,co,  Ahmedabad

we bought 1st asphalt plant form Alltech in 2018 and we found it as test quality, best service plant so when we got another project, we without hesitating procured another plant from them.

MKC Infra,  Gandhigham

We have been getting high level of production and till now the plant is working to us at most satisfaction which helps us to produce best quality hot mix with least maintenance.

Krishna contractor,  Haryana

we had a drum mix plant of capacity 90-120 TPH Alltech group changed the dryer and control cabin to make it a counter flow drum mix plant and we are even using reclaimed asphalt into it up to 20%

GR Infra,  Rajasthan

Back in 2012. We produced a bitumen drum decanter from Alltech group, which was new innovation in the market that time and the heating efficiency made us procused more 15 decanters till date.

AFCONS,  Mumbai

we have to set up our bitumen decanting plant outside India and the reputation Alltech group has since they are pioneers in bitumen decanting we had procused almost 10 decanter form Alltech group.

Puja construction,  Assam

when we have looking for a drum mix plant for our project Alltech group has enlightened us about counter flow drum mix plant which is new technology for india and he adopted and getting good response from plant.

Thangam Infra,  Coimbatore

we bought Alltech CFD 120 at first we were hesitant but the service support they have provided even in out skirts of Coimbatore .and the new technology plant with almost 35% less fuel new usage as compared to conventional drum mix plant.

Global Aria,  UAE

when we decided to setup our refinery in Sharjah and other countries, we undoubtedly went with Alltech group since they are world leaders in bitumen melting and storage solution, we have 25+ equipment of Alltech group and we are extremely satisfied.

CCF Lte,  Indonesia

we are in bitumen business from a very long time and when we started importing bitumen in bags. we were looking for a company with best quality Bitumen Bag Melteronline and found Alltech group as the bitumen melting leader.

DLC Infra, Kutch

Alltech group has made a brand value of selling rugged asphalt plants with premium service support, a dire had of any road construction company and we had produced more then 2,00,000 MT hot mix and we don’t feel any problem in that in future also, we will be opting for Alltech group.

DRA IPL,  Ahmedabad

Later in 2019 after facing issues in international brands of asphalt plant we tried Alltech Asphalt plant and the sheer quality plant and optimum service support they have provided is commendable .so later for link road Delhi-Mumbai, Expressway, we went with 240 TPH Asphalt plant of Alltech.

NDE,  Bangladesh

we come to India looking for a good quality bitumen drum decanter which can give us the desired heating efficiency and we got to know about Alltech group. we were so impressed with the product the team and the setup they have and we undoubtedly made a connection lifelong for bitumen decanting solution.

Black top Infra,  Mumbai

our history is basically in the rood maintenance field and we were using the road maintenance equipment of international companies and importing it since there were no Indian manufacturers for micro surfacing later we ,got to know that Alltech has micro surfacing paver manufacturing we showed interest and bought one machine from them even thought that was 1st machine the quality was amazing and support is commandable .therefore we also procured 2nd micro surfacing paver from them also and have completed some major prestigious project.

Alltech Group is delighted to introduce the UNIBLACK1500

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Alltech Group is delighted to introduce the UNIBLACK1500 Alltech Group is delighted to introduce the UNIBLACK1500, our cutting-edge Asphalt batch mix plant, now ope...

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Alltech 240 TPH Asphalt Plant – Punjab

September 13, 2023 | Alltech

Cost Saving Bundle for Your Road Project! Our Alltech 240 TPH Asphalt Plant, recently installed in Punjab, is equipped with cutting-edge features to elevate your...

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ALLTECH Group solidifies its commitment by presenting an innovative and budget-friendly road construction technology to Chattisgarh’s Road

August 22, 2023 | Alltech

ALLTECH Group solidifies its commitment by presenting an innovative and budget-friendly road construction technology to Chattisgarh’s Road infrastructure firms dur...

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