The asphalt pavement industry has a long history of incorporating reclaimed asphalt pavement(RAP) into new asphalt pavement mix and the use and acceptance of RAP as a sustainable and economical material for quality road building continues to grow. In fact, asphalt is widely used after Milling in India now a day. Alltech Group has a long history of building world-class equipments and technologies to allow contractors and producers to collect and utilize this very valuable product and recycle the asphalt.Asphalt milling, also known as cold planning, is the removal or milling up of an asphalt road surface to provide an improved surface for repaving or resurfacing. The amount of asphalt removed depends on the condition of the original surface and the intended use. It is a cost-effective and sustainable process that can be repeated as needed.

The milled asphalt can be re-used immediately or can be used as a source of income and recycled into new HMA. Alltech Group provides the Equipment which can help you use the milling material directly into the HMA plants by various methods upto 70%.




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